• 12 months ago

The thing about being a psychopath isn’t nothing like television shows like Luther or Dexter makes it out to be. I don’t desire killing another human being, but I do want to damage them psychologically for life.

I want people to mentally wound racists, sexists, xenophobes, bigots, pedophiles, and bullies. The notion of putting intense fear into the minds of horrible people inspires me in ways no normal person should ever entertain.

The way I would do it is I would use a high velocity rifle that shoots tranquilizer darts so my victims never see me coming and after they pass out I’d collect them and put them in a van and take them an abandoned warehouse where no one can hear them scream and I would strap and chain them to a heavy duty table and water board them for hours.

Drug them again and take them home putting them in their own bed. So they would wake up on their own.

The next time I’d drug and kidnap them is I would take them to an abandoned barbershop where they would be chain up to the barbers chair and I’d use hair clippers to shave off their hair and eyebrows.

The third time I’d drug and kidnap them they would find themselves waking up in the Forrest and they have to walk barefoot following a path I set out for them to follow until they reach the highway.

From that point they will fear everything and distrust everything and everyone they come in contact with.

They will be broken forever.

I am a psychopath…

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