• 12 months ago

With all the blatent & prideful worship of anti-christ Gods & dieties, it’s clear that the gates of Hell are located in Europe just under that large hole in the ozone they’ve created there obviously through devil worship. They take pride in atheism & most can’t wait to go to hell & be with Satan. Their suicide rates proves this. Plus, there’s always some reported sighting of a ghost hauting some eartly dwelling & the ghost is always white. They clearly don’t assend to heaven & want to bring down as many as possible with their diligent works to misguid the masses about who the true Lord & savior is. They have hundreds of demoninations, all with their own peraonal twist of the bible for the whole purpose of misguiding & keeping people in sin. So much work has been done on their part to misconstrude & keep people in sin with their never ending re-writings of the bible. I think NIV in the latest book of lies their spreading.

I know God isn’t white. Idk why a God would make himself allergic to the sun or make the promise land a place of 0 resorces.

Europe has no oil, gold, diamonds.. not even an original food source besides a damn beaver & some apples. It’s just a bubonic plaque 2.0, radioactive wasteland that no country has ever been up in arms to obtain. Ever. Beast sex, blood drinking & child sacrifices are run rampant. Its sad that they’ve brought their customs to other countries & spread their diabolical ways to the natives there, disease, homosexuality, destroyed their lands & people.

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