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The FEMA concentration camp thing is starting to make more sense now that I think about it. I mean yes the idea of the government turning against citizens seemed a bit farfetched. No I see it being homes for people who try to revolt against automation taking over thousands to millions of American jobs. We’re worth more to these corporations dead than the take down of robots.

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  • The US government can’t afford extermination camps let alone concentration camps. The populace outnumbers the military about 300 to 1, the military is intimately dependent on civilian supply contractors and logistic chains, and on a person to person basis the populace out guns the military by about 100. The military of course has more sophisticated weapons, but you can’t expect them to effectively deploy strategic weapons on own soil without destroying their own combat readiness, and that 300 to 1 ratio counts for a lot considering that the US military also had significantly better technology than the Vietnamese

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    • I wish I could upvote comments. Are you a general?

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