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Suicide, a lot of people are talking about this topic more often now a days. It’s sad, I mean I understand people get depressed sometimes and don’t want to live anymore. But I feel like it’s just a terrible situation with a drastic and devastating outcome. I know this world can be a dark, sad, lonely, and an ugly place. But it is also a fun, and bright and happy beautiful place. I know everyone’s circumstances, and situation are different, but it’s important to aways try to have a positive outlook on things. I myself feel like a loser, and sometimes I think my problems will never change. I have thoughts like I will never have peace, I will never have a normal life, I will stay stuck in this rut for a long time.But then…I say no, let me stop thinking this way, I try to think about all the Good things that can happen. i think some people may need help for their depression. But if one does not have any help they should try their very best to have a positive outlook. It may not help as well as they may think it should. But I’m sure it will. Things change in life , just like the seasons of the earth. So I think that when someone is depressed and wants to end their live…they should think about all the reasons why they need to live. All the possibilities, all the responsibilities, all the love someone on this earth has for them, all the love God has for them, all the dreams they have, all the things they want to do, all the things they can do and all the things they will do. No matter what age, no matter were you are in life, and no matter how worthless you think you are. And it is aways important to know that you are never alone, and that there is always someone in the Same situation as you are in. And so, A human life is precious, so It’s very sad when one takes their own life. And even in there death, I hope there memories live on in the minds of others.


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