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I’m a 15 yr old girl and I want so bad to meet an older like in his 20s/30s and marry him and have kids and be a housewife. But I’m probably going to be alone forever working at a job I hate with people I hate. I hate being around people, I can’t take it. But I also really hate being alone. I’ve stopped really caring about anything recently and all my dreams have just sort of become impossible in my mind and I don’t want to even leave my house. That’s why I want to be a housewife; I’ll never have to talk to anyone but my family, or work, or leave my house if I don’t want to. I wish that I could just wake up and have my whol life be a dream.

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  • Oh look. Another cunt who wants a meal ticket.

    Anonymous March 15, 2019 1:56 am Reply

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