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on the television and see those crime shows or scary movies anything to do with death for show and tell it’s like looking at blue and purple dead bodies blue lips and pale purple skin im not sure what other colours they have fore the other skin tones but when i look at my white hand that i know when i cut myself bleeds red that one day it’s going to be blue or purple wonder does blue and purple skin tones make your hairs turn different colors not just the flesh to although they said the hair keeps growing like meat for sale in the supermarket that chopped up stays red and has white fat ready to cook on the bbq the primary colours on the wheel are red blue and yellow or whatever but white goes straight to blue and purple it make me tight in the chest i can’t breathe through my mouth or nose stone cold bones that remain white forever waking breathing skeletons all trangresed from a feeling of angry and hate, yet we all have different dna and blood groups and compared to animals

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