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I saw this post a few days ago from a sex offender counselor. Here are my ideas if a sex offender moves into your neighborhood:

1. Be Mean. Period. If you take them a cake or pie to welcome them into the neighborhood, make sure it has rat poison in it. Threaten them all you want; they are not human and have no real feelings. If you can get away with it, damage their cars, break their windows, etc.

2. Never invite them to community functions, hug them, or hold birthday dinners for them. Who really cares if any one loves them? If you ever have a romantic feeling for a sex offender, please kill yourself, too. They also should, by law, never be allowed to have sex again, or get married, or have children. Just snip their penises off.

3. Always belittle their ideas of improving themselves. There is no forgiveness for sex offenders. Anyhow, sex offenders are probably so stupid, no college would want them. Thankfully, that 20 year old sex offender killed himself. One less to worry about.

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My confession won’t be too liked, but I need to say it. I have been a sex offender counselor for the past ten years, and here are some recommendations if a sex offender ever moves into your community:

1. Simply be kind. Period. It makes these men feel like they belong and aren’t automatically hated, which in turn can lead to confidence and deter future crime. They are diverse and are interesting to talk to after they get comfortable. Be the neighbor who takes him a pie or cake to welcome him to the community rather than those who condemn him and spread notifications that his very being there is unwanted. It makes him feel unwanted and no one wants to feel that way. Do not feed rumors or say hateful things or threaten him with bodily harm or property damage.

2. Invite him to dinners, neighborhood functions, barbecues, church events. The more social interaction he has, the more good he is going to feel. I had a client who said he got a hug from a neighbor. It was his first hug by anybody in 4, yes 4, years. He cried tears of joy afterwards at that litle human contact gesture. Once you get to know your a sex offender, offer them a hug. Write them a birthday card or even throw them a birthday party or dinner. If you feel any romantic feelings with one, don’t hold it from him. Most of my clients are absolutely terrified to initiate any kind of romantic contact for fear of being thought of as someone who wants sex all the time. Yes, they all have sexual feelings. Everyone does. If they get the courage to ask for a date, do not humiliate them, even if you do not want the date; let him down kindly. For example, I hear a lot of clients say women reply with, “Who would want to date you? You are a nobody.”

3. Support their efforts to improve themselves. Do not belittle their ideas, whether it be aspirations for a college education, a job, or opening a business. I had a very intelligent, 20 year old client. He got accepted to M.I.T., one of the most prestigious colleges. He was so happy, showing me his acceptance lettter. He was glowing. A few days later, he got his rejection letter from that college due to the fact he was on the sex offender registry. Two days later, he was dead of suicide. He was studying medical research and disease genetics. He told me he was determined to find a cure for cance in memory of his little sister who died from cancer at the age of 10. What if he would have succeeded? Also, never encourage anyone to committ suicide because of their past. You might tell a sex offender online to kill himself, but would you do it if they were sitting next to you, crying, just wanting (or privately praying) someone would hug and love them?

Sex offenders are human, please treat them like that. Most just want a second chance at a good life. I do believe if neighbors and communites made them feel welcome, they would thrive and never do another sex crime with appropriate counseling, social support, and love.

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  • If anyone on the sex offender registry reads this, please just disregard it. You are all human and have human needs that include love, sex, family life, and the right to better yourselves at any time. No one should hurt you in any way and let’s pray for this poster that he/she learns kindness and forgiveness and finds peace.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 8:13 pm Reply
    • tell that to the victims

      Anonymous January 12, 2019 8:19 pm Reply
      • The victims, too. We are all human in this world and all should be treated with basic dignity. No one should have fear of bodily harm, sex offenders should have the opportunity to better their lives if they are truly remorseful for their crimes, but in order to do that, they should not be pressured to feel crushing guilt all the time. It kills their souls and personalities. Just as victims should have an absolute right to privacy and not be made a mockery of. I would hug a sexual abuse victim just as quickly as I would a sexual offender; they both know more mental suffering than we can ever imagine.

        Anonymous January 12, 2019 8:27 pm Reply
  • It’s easy to get on the “sex offenders list” and that doesn’t mean that you actually are a sex offender.

    Kids who are 15 or 16 who sent nudes to each other get put on that list. One girl got put on the list for having nude pics of herself on her phone. She was charged with possessing child pornography – pics of a nude underage child (herself).

    So don’t be too quick to jump to any conclusions about who might be on the list or why.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 8:32 pm Reply
  • Hmm I think the punishment should fit the crime. If he fucked little boys or little girls then he should be visited daily by a big dude or even a few dudes and he fucked himself daily for the rest of his life.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 9:18 pm Reply

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