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this feeling isn’t random, it blooms every time i see you.
you’re the one i’ve envisioned to be my absolute partner.
our attraction is undeniable, but our variables are obstacles.
i wish for us to be, like how it is in many great stories of love.

in the meantime, lets get some fried chicken.

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  • I don’t think so. I hate chicken!

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 3:28 am Reply
    • fried chicken may not be your style,
      but it is hers, we love fried chicken.
      cherish the batter.

      Anonymous December 6, 2018 3:56 am Reply
  • At first, I was like, oh another love confession but I saw fried chicken.

    Whatever it is, im down

    Anonymous December 7, 2018 12:51 am Reply
    • my feelings for this woman is genuine, and she feels it too, but timing is everything.
      and us being together would take time away from her true calling.
      the fried chicken thing is our thing, just one of many guilty pleasures we both enjoy.

      Anonymous December 7, 2018 1:55 am Reply
      • when we feel really crazy we go out and grab ourselves a chili dog.

        Anonymous December 7, 2018 2:16 am Reply

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