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I enjoy taking pictures of myself naked.
I have shared some naked pictures of myself (no face showing and some extreme close-ups of genitals/anus) online and enjoy the comments and knowing someone has seen them.
I wonder how common this is… for males and females.
Seems like if I were to admit my gender, there’d be widespread approval if I’m female, and people would call me pervert if I’m male. Why? Isn’t everyone interested/intrigued by naked pictures of the opposite sex? Except for gays, I guess.

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  • Extremely common nowadays, thanks to mobile phones.
    In fact I’d say that from now on it will always be a part of human sexuality.

    I never got through that because I’m old and my generation didn’t had digital cameras or mobile phones.
    But I know that if there were such things when I was a kid I would have received plenty of naked photos from girls in my school.

    I don’t see that as filthy or girls like sluts. Women are far more exhibitionist than men by nature.

    Anonymous December 4, 2018 10:31 am Reply
    • I’m older as well, and I remember when I used to take naked pics with 35mm camera and got the pics developed at a drugstore and the women/girls behind the counter would probably see the pics! In fact, sometimes, upon dropping off the roll of film, I’d embarassingly ask/admit that “I took a couple naked pics at the end of the roll, will I get in trouble?” and the girls would always smile and say “don’t worry, I’ll develop them and nobody will know!” Then when I came to pick them up, my heart would be pounding! I have to “confess” I enjoyed being embarrassed. But one time, I got in a little trouble – the girls at the photo counter told me I needed to see the manager/pharmacist (another female) and they said “don’t worry, it’s no big deal” and the manager/pharmacist woman handed me the envelope of my photos and just said that it’s okay, nothing to worry about, but just realize that whenever there’s nudity involved, the counter girls have to share the photos with her as a “check” to ensure it’s not child pornography or rape or anything illegal. Then, she went on to say they developed all of my photos this time but technically, there was one where I was cumming and they’re really not supposed to allow that, but because I was by myself, they let it go. If actual sex act – either intercourse or oral is shown, that’s forbidden. And then, she lightened up the whole conversation and said “don’t look so ashamed, it’s okay, we all enjoyed seeing you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and don’t think of this as being scolded, I just wanted to let you know what the rules are, that’s all!

      Anonymous December 4, 2018 10:28 pm Reply

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