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This is not really a confession of mine generally. I want to say this as moral support. I know that there are judgements and discrimination amongst people who have HIV. I for one, do not have it. But that is not the point. I do not, I repeat, DO NOT think that having HIV would make me hate you. I will not discriminate you. I will help you get through it. If you do feel hopeless right now and reading this, don’t be. You are so special and you have so much potential in this world. Don’t let this stupid disease bring you down. At the end of the day, it is about who you are and being true to yourself. You are special, and don’t let anyone walk all over you. Have a voice. There are also people who would agree with me and are already being supportive. And as humans, we need to support one another. Truthfully, I had anxiety too over this issue. But it was just in my head, none of this ever happened. Still, I wanted to say this because enough is enough. Judging others is like judging yourself, who you are on the inside. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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