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I really hate seeing people better than me, but I can’t pull myself to work hard. I know I am capable but why can’t I just get a grip of myself. I know if I try, I can defeat them, I know, but why is it so hard. I will defeat them. The time starts now, they think they’re better, with their sneers. Let me show you real competition. I won’t back down now. You’ll see. Once I decide I’m done with this shit, you’re dead. Watch as you fall one by one. I’m not going to stop until your eyes change the way they look at me. I have no mercy for those who have wronged me.

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  • Sounds like the hardest judge of yourself is there in the mirror. Look at your qualities and focus on those just once.people will see a difference in you if you do
    If I present you w a hateful attitude I’ll receive the same back. I don’t believe your as bad as you say…why .you never met me.

    Anonymous May 16, 2018 7:51 pm Reply

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