• 2 months ago

Seeing the governments not do anything, and stand by as many of these countries suffer at their hands, I feel hopeless to the point of wanting to abolish the government as a whole. Is it too late to advocate for an Anarchist world? Is there A better option? The only way any of this stops is if we dragged these senile war criminals off their pedestals by their collars. I want the genocides, and mistreatments of these countries to end. Children don’t deserve to practically be enslaved, or die in the rubble next to their rotting family members. It hurts to be in a world where we can talk all we want, protest all we want, boycott all we want, and shout, cry, and burn all we want, all for the presidents, governors, world leaders, and “peace unions” to turn a blind eye, and have our cries fall on deaf ears. We are watching history repeat itself, and these “leaders'” justice will come back to them.

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