• 2 months ago

So for context, me and my best friend have been friends for 7 years so we always tell each other everything. This year, a new girl that we’ll call Ellie joined in our grade and we became friends with her (her and my bff are in the same class). I have a crush on this guy in my class that we’ll call Henry. He is seating behind me in class and we often talk. One day, my bff comes up to me and says that Ellie has a crush on Henry. My bestie told me because she knew I had a crush on him. She said it’s been about 2 weeks when mine has been for a month and a half. I am kinda sad because I was planning to tell him how I felt and if Ellie found out, I think she would be mad. I feel like as the older and more mature person in our friend group, I should leave him to her even though he doesn’t know about her (I’m a people pleaser too.)

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