• 1 year ago

I won’t say my age but I was dating this one dude and I guess I was his first girlfriend. we were dating for 3 months and I thought he was really sweet and caring! I thought it would work out until one of my friends came up to me and told me that he never wanted a relationship in the first place. I was upset but then the next morning my other friend told me that I wasn’t “respecting” his boundaries. I was so confused because looking at the text he sent to my friend, he said he told me but never actually told me. he has maybe given me hints but I was to oblivious to see and then he broke up with me. and of course, I cried for a few days but then I just got over it. but it wasn’t until I found out that he wasn’t that I thought he cared but turns out he just told a lot of my friends that I’m a b**** and then said I should k*ll myself. so I got really pissed at how he couldn’t just say it to my face but tell everyone else but me. and now he is saying he’s going to bully me and be a b**** to me but tbh he can’t bully me because he just a little p**** and idk I’m so f***** pissed right now.

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