• 6 days ago

If I feel this pain, my other half feels it too. Both sides contain factors, roles, and/or responsibilities within the current life we have as an individual. If these containments were to be interrupted, we would need to face the judgement and consequences, with taking the risk of hurting the people who currently surrounds us. We both know there’s something there between us and we both want this… but because of who we are, we are the type of people to ensure others happiness before us. We care for those around us, and as much as we love eachother in secret, we can not hurt or face the heartbreak, disappointment, and resent from those who matter to us. So instead, we play pretend in our everyday lives by showcasing our achievements, success, and milestones. Living a lie until our heart and mind is convinced… it’s be nearly a decade and I’m still not convinced..and i’m still pretending.