• 6 days ago

December 18th 2021 we had sex. It was a hookup, I thought you were going to stay. You took my virginity and left completely. You sent videos to people and part of the school saw us. How could you do this to me? What did I ever do to you? I couldn’t even stand looking at your pictures after. I couldn’t even look at your name and I did things to distract myself from the pain you caused. I fucking hate you so much. You destroyed me and you destroyed my family. Now I was in love with someone that you knew and fuck it hurt again when he didn’t want to tell anyone about us because of what happened between me and you. It hurt so much because I told him everything and I trusted him and we had to let each other go. We are really good friends now and he wants to get back together and I don’t know if I should. It would never work out but it’s a temporary happiness. It’s all your fault E all your fucking fault. You took me and you took my love. You disabled my def esteem and left me with nothing. I hope you get what you deserve and may God help you.