• 1 week ago

Hai. I am so much in pain if i dont tell anyone about the secret of mine. I cried just by typing this. I am getting married in a month but I get approached by someone, a doctor who turns out to be my older brother’s best friend from school. We met twice, he’s so much better than my fiance. I never told anyone about him cause i know people are gonna be mad at me for cheating on my fiance. The 2nd time we met, we just went on a long night drive for hours, just talking and it seemed so real. Which i never get this feeling with other guys before. And we shared a deep kiss and we told we love each other. He asked me to call the wedding off but i cant! I just cant! Everything has been set and i couldn’t afford to hurt everyone’s feelings. I love him so much. And now i miss him a lot but i already ghosted him cause thats the best thing to do