• 12 months ago

i’m 16 and i play netball with my friends. one of the girls on my team used to be my best friend but she just decided to stop putting in effort so i did too. i’m not going to try in a one sided friendship. today, we were meant to have training after school. unfortunately it was cancelled and i was pushing for everyone to go and do some fitness training anyway, as the only reason it was cancelled was because the manager (her dad) couldn’t make it. i was asking why it was cancelled, and then on a voice note i heard another friends voice, keep in mind the training had JUST been cancelled, and since their dad was the manager i asked if they had anything to do with the cancellation. Since they are twins, they both went OFF at me. telling me i was a bitch, they couldn’t accuse them or their dad of doing that, how mean i was being and i was honestly quite confronted. they started saying i had told them that they told their dad to cancel training so they could hang out with their friend, which i didn’t. I asked them if there had been a previous conversation and they then started to tell me that wasn’t true. i had the voice note, listened to it three times, and then wrote an apology message, not that i had anything to apologise for. their dad is not needed there, we can train ourselves. all they were going to do was sit around in their rooms and watch tiktok, which is pathetic when you think that we’re the top team for our age group. we excel in every game, majority of us play for state, and we’ve also been playing together for years. this isn’t the first time the two of them have ganged up on me and i’m honestly done putting in any effort to be either of their friends now. i’m done and i’m so sick of it. not to mention that bitch is dating my ex of 5 months. she’s a terrible person, only wants to know the gossip and proceeds to bitch about everyone. her boyfriend and her sister are her only friends. i hope she dies alone because she’s not pretty, not smart, and she has the worst case of gerascophobia i have ever seen. she tries to be “cute” and “sweet” but she’s just annoying. i’m sick of hearing about her stupid mental health issues, especially since she invalidates me for mine. I’m don’t with her and I WON’T be making an effort any time soon.