• 2 weeks ago

People here might think the so called Prestonian or Presto Chango is funny or hilarious or a real wild kind of guy but I had a terrible experience with him. I thought he was looking for a serious relationship so I met him for lunch. His cheap ass made me pay and then went back and took the tip and said “I don’t like leaving no damn tips”. I told him that I left the tip and not him and he said “Greg you better watch your cracker mouth, that’s a warning”.

Once we got in my car he told me to pull off on a side road and open the trunk. I did as I was told because I didn’t want to make him angry. He pushed me forward and ripped my pants down and said “let’s see how that balloon knot feels” and he spit on his cock and entered me. While he was “niggerfucking” me in his words he kept saying ooh and ahh and “you gonna make a man lose his nut in that backpussy”. I think he got the word backpussy from this website. When he finally ejaculated (he has pretty good staying power) he started shaking violently and he sounded like an actor in a minstrel show saying “oh lordy oh me oh my I do declare” and this kind of shits. Once he was finished pumping out his semen he changed completely and started calling me a cracker and a racist and telling me to take him home and muttered to himself “gay ass cracker making me fuck his asshole…”

When he got out of the car he ripped a disgusting fart and then closed the door really fast. It smelled like beef and onions.