• 2 weeks ago

ever since i got with you i always want more i cant get enough of you. you make me complete and whole and i crave you but im afraid im getting to dependent on you and the comfort you bring. you say you want to marry me but how true is that and will it last. you know how my family feels about you. i want to marry you i want to spend my life with you but im getting ahead of myself and i dont know if it would actually come true. i feel so dependent on you and i dont like it. what if you leave? what if you get sick of me? i cant stand the idea of it. i dont know if i could live without you i basically have no one else left. i’ve ruined so many of my relationships trying to be with you and now tht i finally have you i dont have anyone else left. is it worth it? are you worth the struggle? maybe it would be better if i left you it would be better for your reputation im ruining your reputation right now. i dont know i love you im so lost. you say its ok but is it really ok am i worth it? you could do so much better you’re so great so amazing and im the most unstable person you could get with im a lot to handle. im only fun and good at first. 🙁