• 2 weeks ago

What in the FUCK is your deal, lady? I swear to god, NOT ONLY should you have retired 20 years ago, you can’t even send a fucking fax, let alone attach a document to an email. You’re always late, you have a million doctors’ appointments, you’re in the ONE bathroom we have here, stinking it up, ALL THE TIME, you decide that as I’m leaving, with my HAND ON THE DOOR, is the time to tell me about all motherfucking appointments you have – which I couldn’t give TWO SHITS ABOUT because your schedule doesn’t affect me at all because you are NO HELP to me because you’re a geriatric idiot, but when a client of MINE calls here and tells you they’re coming by- YOU DON’T BOTHER TO TELL ME! Oh how I fucking hate you and wish you would fucking retire so I would never have to see you again. You useless fucking moron. You are SO OLD that you can’t even FILE without hurting yourself. I have a whole list of shit that I have to do because you are fucking decrepit. At this point I dunno who I’m more pissed at – YOU or the fucking BOSS who refuses to fire you.