• 2 weeks ago

It’s hard to say something these days after the 2022 elections here in the Philippines cause you immediately get criticized by who you voted.I wanted to voice out my thoughts on it but everyone doesn’t try to understand anything, I’m seeing people doing it, stating facts that they didn’t vote for the red side or the pink side cause of negative campaigning from each sides supporters but they get bashed instead telling them that they didn’t care about the country when all in all we are all Filipinos wanting what is best for our country. I see couples that have been in a relationship for years break up just because of the sides they support, families broken for the president that they voted and friendships ruined because of the side they are on.
It saddens me to see relationships end like this because of the sides that they support.
I see students boycott school to rally when other kids that didn’t have the opportunity to learn can use that place to go to school and learn.
It’s hard to know who is a friend right now because they judge you if they knew that you didn’t vote for the president that they voted.
It’s mentally stressing and draining to be in the Philippines right now.