• 7 months ago

It is the most selfish thing to hurt someone who loves you and not even be sorry. It can break even the strongest person, to love someone so deeply with every fiber of your being and then find out it was all a lie with not even so much as an apology. Like a real one, not some bullshit in an email that isn’t even sincere. Just one true apology and showing some remorse would have made all the difference. You can’t upend someone’s entire life and then think it’s ok to just walk away without even saying sorry. And if you’re the kind of person who is so callous that you can hurt someone so deeply without any regrets, then you don’t get to be upset when they decide to let everyone know what a shitty person you are. Whether you think so or not, the way you treat someone who has given you their all, can break them…sometimes beyond repair.