• 6 days ago

I don’t know how normal interactions play out
I don’t know what a normal friendship looks like
I’ve been dealing with many things lately and I’m crying all day for like a week already and I don’t know who to tell that

My last friend group was amazing in that regard. I could say absolutely anything at any moment and they’d be there to support me, and I wasn’t afraid to seem weird
But I know now that friendship wasn’t normal nor healthy
I depended on them for everything

And now that they’re gone I’m trying to have healthy boundaries with people but I don’t know if I’m doing ok
I need to tell people I’m struggling so I can get help but I can’t tell people I’m struggling cause I don’t wanna depend on anyone ever again
Wtf am I supposed to do? Why can’t I be normal? I’m afraid people will think I’m some kind of weird humanoid thing cause I’m not like a normal person

What the fuck does a normal friendship look like or feel like? Ffs what does a normal person look like? What do I have to do to be normal? I’m just so tired to try and fail over and over again