• 1 week ago

There nothin wrong with my fetishes you fucking vanilla ass prude. You act like im not into or ok with pretty much any kink besides the really gross ones.

You dont love me, Fay, those words are a lie unless you say them to me for real. You want me to change? Youre the catalyst. Im trying so ha4d but i cant fucking do it alone. A lot of my issues would vanish overnight if you just hugged me for ten fucking minutes. Do you know how frustratomg that is…You dont have to do any sex acts youre not comfortable with, thats what porn is for you dummie. Im not a fucking rapist. Im not fucking dangrous. Im lonely and in pain and starved for affection, and you are the only persom who can help me. I stopped kissimg you when you pulled back, you think id pressure you into pissing for me if you dolidnt want to if we were actually dating? Fuck no. Id never pressure you into anything and the safe word is fucking law.

But if youre tryna sell me smut, im desensitised to that shit and im gonna ask for harder shit.