• 1 week ago

i like this girl for a while now.and before we met eachother we were so close and we were so nice to eachother.but now after something happen we are so rude to eachother she was the one who was rude first,but i gotta be rude back to hide the feelings i still have for her.u see she found out that i liked her and she didnt like me back so she asked to be strangers but obviously i dont want us to be strangers,so i had to lie to her that i dont like her anymore and i like another person,but no i dont like anybody else,i still love her. but i gotta hide that feeling and it makes me feel insecure sometimes to see her with my friend who KNOWS that i like her.u see [this one happens before my crush ask me to be strangers] i told the friend that i like the girl so she was supportive about it.when we were talking in a group. my crush mention about the friend and her chatting and shits and then i felt jealous ofc and then the friend sended me a screenshot and said ‘dont worry we were just spamming stickers’ so i just said okay thats cool as times goes by [now this one happens after i my crush wanted us to be strangers] they started hanging out,flirting,going on dates,playing games just the two of them.and then my crush suddenly sended a selfie of the friend in the group that THE friend wasnt in.she sended the picture saying ‘my wifey so cute’ and that time i felt betrayed .my friend knows how much i like her and now shes dating the girl that i fucking like i know it sounds a little crazy but like she told me they were just friends and she PROMISE that she didnt like my crush or is interested in her but that was all A LIE yeah thats it thank u for reading this far lol so yeah to the so called ‘friend’ with the letter d in their name.fuck you bitch.and to my crush fuck you too.for doing all the shits and manipulate me and do all the things that i dont like[theres more about this girl did to me but not gonna say it] so yeah bye