• 1 week ago

tales from Puerto Rico:My creepy huge family is catholic, I am not, when I wanted to abort when I was 18 and pregnant I told a cousin I trusted because she had told me of a friend she had that aborted, when I told her I was pregnant she told my entire family and they locked me in the house so I couldn’t drive to the abortion clinic. Betrayal. I do not Love anyone in my family. I only love my daughter because she knows my story and she cried for me. My child, My only family. I remember being passed out mentally since the day I realized I was forced to give birth until years after when I met my now ex because they also took that away from me. My sister plotted so we break up, she had no rights. My sister, my brother, my mother, my father, nobody cared about me, they treat me like a child. Meanwhile, the world listens to me like a wise old Gandalf. I humor so I do not cry in anxiety. I want to move away from such a horrible cult.