• 2 weeks ago

I’m a sociology major (and a socialist! Bernie 2024!) and I’ve been enjoying studying some members of this website.

Corvallus seems to be the most popular member and I’ve determined that he is of the “hip hop” or “whigger” culture. His favorite bar is Cleo’s Lounge in Orlando. His favorite beer is anything made with Malt. He likes athletic shoes, gold chains, sports (and sports talk and sports cocks!), and strong cocksure black men.

During anal coitus, often with many consecutive partners, he enjoys screaming out affirming and wiseacre declarations and catchphrases to help spread his name and reputation. He coined the term “backsnatch” and enjoys the popularity it has found. He considers himself macho and tough and often tells people to “speak with their chest” and hints that he is adept at combat violence. Part of his bravado is his dangerous “no loads refused” and “no condoms allowed” rules. He is a softie at heart and is generous, often giving his new lovers gifts and accessories for anal sex. He often barters and trades with homeless men (alcohol for sex)

Corvallus enjoys hip hop music and nightclubs, he’s an avid dancer and singer and he prides himself on his anal hair (grundle, backbush, etc).

Corvallus despite his frequent interactions with men is likely a loner and despite his frequent sexual relationships with African Americans he is also likely a racist who freely uses the N word. Corvallus may also be a psychopath or sociopath and there are hints that he has experimented with equine and canine bestiality.Thanks for reading my report.

Herb Eaversmelz, PU