• 3 weeks ago

I dont know what i want at this stage of my life there are many thigs going on inside my head. I tried not to overthink but I end up thinking more about it nothing is going as it should go.
first of all i want a happy and peaceful family but that dosent seem to come true.my parents do not talk to each other all they do is to stay quiet and talk about each other behind their back i m tired of listening them .my father is suffering from some health issue but we dont get to know it from him other of my father friends informed us .nor do my father care about family he says i m here just to earn nor can we ask he anything

about my studies it is not at all going well i dont know where i lag i cant focus on them and here is the condition of my family

i m literary at the stage of mental breakdown
i wonder if those are the symptoms of depression
please god my every thing fine and bless me and my family so that we can live happily again.