• 2 weeks ago

weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the person I loved the most. I loved him the most when he can’t love himself. The thing is, I know he and I can’t be together due to dangerous circumstances (plus he is way older than I am). But the most important thing is I got to tell him about how I felt if I didn’t, I would beat myself up for it. But I did it, I told him I loved him. It was my goodbye letter to him and because he is sick and in danger of his life.

Today, he wrote back. He told me he loved me back and he sometimes wished we could have a relationship we both wanted. Before even I confess, he said he already knew. He felt our connection. He wrote that he was extremely grateful to know that someone genuinely loved him for who he is. But this was the end, he has to go back to the crowd of being unknown.

And now, I have to close this chapter of my life. I’ve moved on now, but it still hurts. Now we only have our memories for us to hold. Memories I’m grateful that we both share. Full of love, sadness, and laughter.

In another life, I’ll be his girl and he’ll be my guy.

We loved each other.

Sincerely, C & J