• 7 days ago

At this point and time of my life, I’m starting to hate everyone.. I hate men, I hate women, I hate girls my age, I hate boys my age, I just hate everyone. I’m tired of looking at the stupid Instagram or tik toks and seeing “pretty girls” that look their age or older and they get tons of compliments and obviously guys want them and want to fuck them while I’m here trying my best to get people to like me but at this point I’m like fuck the fucking world.. I’m just done. I can’t kill myself cause people gonna think I’m just an attention seeker, I can’t cry cause nobody will even give a fuck, I can’t post this online on social media cause again people will take I’m being stupid and attention seeking.. I’m just fucking done.

i feel like in this stupid world i only have one person who would actually want me and care about me.. and think I’m pretty and blah blah blah

Fuck all the girls my age and older and younger who use makeup, revealing clothes, poses and filters just to make themselves look more attractive, thanks for making girls like us feel like we are nothing but at least we won’t be only used for our “bodies” or our “faces” and when your bf or whomever gets tired and bored of you and u being pretty doesn’t mean shit anymore good the fuck luck on ur own


Fuck 2021