• 7 days ago

I hate myself. I make too many mistakes than a person should. I can’t even socialize like a normal fucking person. Most teens my age have friends and maybe even have relationships, but not me. Cause I’m a fucking pathetic waste that probably doesn’t deserve anything. I try and I always fail, and fail again. I keep falling off the horse and each time, I’m less motivated to get back on. Why should I bother when I’ll only always fail. It’s now getting to a point were people who liked me now hate me or are moving on from me. I’m already lonely enough, I don’t want to lose more people in my life. I can’t even reach a professional counselor or therapist because I don’t trust my parents with this kind of knowledge. They’re both very insensitive and, not trying to be political, conservative. The second they hear about my problems, they’ll just start lecturing me and will probably just use religion to help me. Religion isn’t terrible. It really works well with some people. Just not me. They’ll probably make no effort to get me professional help anyways. My life has been a total shit show and I hate it. All of this could’ve been avoided if it weren’t for my terrible choices. I hate myself unlike I hate anyone else.