• 2 weeks ago

my mom brought up the topic of homosexuality again yesterday, i cried for the majority of the day and she decided that anime made me gay and now i’m not allowed to watch it lMAODNDJDN

she brought up some repressed sexual trauma and told me that i’m gay because her ex husband sexually abused me; that alone would’ve made me sick but in addition she called me perverse and continues to act like my urge to start a family of cats with a pretty girl is a weird fetish of mine ; ouch lol

my stomach has been hurting since yesterday and everytime i think about myself too hard i start dry heaving, whenever i take my clothes off it gets worse and i start crying, i physically cant bring myself to masturbate anymore ; i don’t want to have a period, i don’t want to have the energy to feel like this

i don’t want to be able to do anything anymore
this brought up old habits, i’ve just decided i can’t eat anymore
i’m so tired of living here