• 1 week ago

hi beaver-eater. Shut the fuck up already. no one reads your hate nonsense. Were trying to build a better world here and people like you are determined to not let that happen. You are a toxic little lesbian which is fine no-one cares about you which is why you are so angry and as for your dick issues I bet you use a dildo to masturbate with. O’ the irony. – I know this because I know lots of ‘beans’ and they all say scissoring doesn’t do much, it’s just about the aesthetics. Yah. We know. …men, men, men Rrrrg! That’s so laughable. Honestly, we’re in stitches here when we see you go off. It’s beyond pathetic. You prize your cunt, and whatever, that’s great. Some people like it, some people don’t. You have to learn to live with that. Hating yourself over it won’t cure it. Yeah, we ALL know you hate *YOURSELF* it’s all mis-direction. Denial. Penis-envy. A detachment. The problem lies with you. You lost, you look like a vicious little cunt (which you are) and you’re just steaming in your basement room an=bout men who say they don’t ‘like’ pussy. (Me included! LOL) OOooo! The rage inside of you!!!! hahahaha ..What a sad, sad little existence you live. Goodbye forever you worthless little soggy cunt of a person. We all know the ridiculous posts you keep putting up nd all we do is laugh at you. Do us all a favor and kill yourself already. It’ll make you feel so much better. And as you die just remember how many of us men dislike a vagina. K? See yuh 🙂