• 1 week ago

Im a married man who also met the “Prestonian” (his name is Preston) on a gay hookup site. He also made me bring him two bufords and the cheap bastard made me reimburse him for gas for his niggermobile. When I asked why I should pay for his gas he just said “I don’t like leaving no tips, it’s like stealing money out of my pocket or reinstituting slavery” not sure how this was related but whatever. He told me to drop my pants and so I did. He said he would want to inspect my asshole for cleanliness since that’s very important to him. Looks good he said as he penetrated me but while his cock felt pretty good he talked the entire time saying things like “oh boy don’t make me get loose” and “you love this nigger cock don’t you” and he called me faggot and a lot of racial terms. Throughout the sex he kept trying to break wind in my face but they were usually false alarms or quiet popper type farts. I could tell that it frustrated him so I pretended that it smelled really bad. Also while he was behind me niggering out he’d slap my ass and say I’m his bitch and his main hoe but he probably says this to everyone. I called him to see if he wanted to go another round and he answered and said “who dis?” And I said “it’s me Mark”… “Fartface Mark” he said, then added “I don’t do that type of shit anymore, goodbye!” It hurt my feelings.

Fartface Mark