• 1 week ago

i am in love with o.s and its killing me
i literally don’t wanna ruin our friendship its so good atm
but theres a small chance he might feel the same way
we play fight and i always get him monster
we laugh and send notes in class
we hate the same people like the same tv shows
we always end up facetiming when everyone else leaves the call
but i think he likes my best friend
and its killing me
we dated two years ago
i had known him for two weeks
i was a shit person i didnt treat him right i got jealous and clingy
i just wanna call him mine
and binge watch attack on titan with him
and teach him how to skateboard
and race to the top of a tree and drink monsters on the pier
and fuck about in stores
and take loads of selfies
and be able to give him a card on valentines day
and him to have dinner at mine
and my dad to drop him off sometimes
and my cousins play footie with him
and have us on my wall
i just want that with him
but hes to good for me