• 2 weeks ago

It was the first day of school when i saw you. at first i didn’t even realize it, but in a week i had fallen head over heels and back again for you. looking back, i was ka-ray-zee. it went on for like, 3 months and then the lockdown began. you have no idea how much i missed you, heck, i even cried. but after 4 months, i finally got to go back to school again. you didn’t know how happy i was to just see you. and then a week came by. i thought back to when i was in quarantine. i thought about it when i had finally concluded to forget you. not because i didn’t like you anymore, it’s just that we were just never meant for each other. so then from that day i tried to ignore and avoid you. it went on for like a month. i finally thought i was getting the hang of it, the feeling of keeping your true feelings were finally starting to disappear.

but i don’t know why, i really don’t know,

but i’m falling for you again.

i don’t know how this is happening. i don’t know. i really thought you weren’t in my life again. but now i’m looking at you more often and i get all nervous and i can’t stop thinking about you. what do i do?

I miss your eyes. those eyes were what ‘attracted’ me in the first place. it was like a really beautiful brownish-grey color and i just can’t stop looking at them. i miss your eyes.

and now i’m having all these side effects. i start shaking whenever i think of you. i can’t sleep. i just can’t stop thinking about you, damn it. i’m gonna lose my mind sooner or later.

what have you done to me?

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