• 2 weeks ago

im in so much pain from living. im only sixteen…im just a kid, but i can’t stand being in this world.

I’ve been hiding my depression for almost my entire life, not even realizing my constant cycle of avoidance until I got diagnosed with BPD and MDD. it really fucking sucks man. sometimes, it feels like i cant breathe.

i wake up everyday, wishing that i stayed asleep and it doesn’t help the fact that my parents dont think that teenagers can go through shit like this. i understand the fact that they feel like failures but the more i explain it to them, the more they justify why i shouldn’t feel the way i feel, and it only makes me wanna isolate myself even more.

i dont know what to do anymore. i love my friends and family a lot, and i dont wanna scar them for life but what about mine? are my cries for help not clear enough? does the universe not see my efforts to try and get better? why does this shit hurt so much man?

anyway, i just wanted to rant this out somewhere where people wont know who i am and will never know who i am. i dont wanna be any more of a burden than i already am.

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