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I call it painful because I was made to suffer because I loved their son . Me and he loved each other for 9 years. It was a long distance relationship for most of the time .. but we started meeting on regular terms only when we went abroad for further studies . Once we started working , it was again long distance.. but I used to travel frequently to see him just for 1 day 700$ for just few hours with him . And after 6 years of relationship.. I one fine day revealed my parents about our relationship.. and they were very supportive. But when I told him about my parents being okay to the relationship, he started his versions . His versions of convincing his parents and his sisters marriage in between. I said okay to everything. First he and his parents said , let’s see after his sisters marriage . After his sisters marriage, they all took a U turn and started criticizing me for my caste . If I have to cut short the caste story , we belong to the same clan but are sub dividends of their caste . And their surnames are just a bit better then ours. It’s been 3 years waiting for their parents acceptance and they find new ways to hurt me in every way and text me asking me to get married to someone else and don’t trouble them and leave their son.
I just want to ask this guy few questions , because he started showing his true colors only when I started asking him for marriage .

Questions :
1. Why did u love me when you knew ur family was complicated????
2 why did u spend time with me ??
3. Why did you give all false hopes ??? Do you even know how it feels to be rejected ??? Do you even know what it feels like when your dreams of marriage are shattered???
4 why did u use me every way ??? Be it career , be it financial???? Or be it anything ???
5. Dint you remember to take permissions from your parents when you loved me ???
6. Dint you realize I too have a sister behind me , when you said let gets married after your sisters marriage????
7. I have been literally begging you to stand for me and our relationship all these 3 years. And what did you do ?????
8. Why the hell did you play with my life ?????
9. Why dint you take your fucking families permission when you loved me ?????
I need an answer to all this . I have lost my mental stability because of youuu. Fucking you and your parents. Ur sister speaks shit about praying for our relationship and in reality, she never even intended to talk to me ????
Do you people even know how it feels to be betrayed ???? My family is worried about my personal life and mental health . What the fuck did I do to you ????? Why are you people harassing me like this????
Do I even deserve it ????
I only like I have committed a sin in being in this abusive respect less relationship , where I am only defined by my caste rather than what I have Achieved and where I stand on humanity grounds of my behaviour and my background.

I so so wish I could undo so many things in my life of being in this relationship.

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