• 2 weeks ago

Heads up, trigger warning for a suicide mention, if that bothers anyone.

One of my closest friends is feeling very suicidal and i’m feeling very frustrated and scared. You see, theres a lot factors in this situation

1.) Me and this friend are VERY different people. We’re talking like, totally opposite mentalities in life. I’m all about ‘aggressively fight everything in your way’ and my friend is like, ‘lay down and wait for the turtle to trample me’. Don’t get me wrong, my friend is KIND, and PASSIONATE, and STRONG. I love this friend to no end, but this person just does not stand up against personal attacks or problems, not often at least—- my point in all of this is, BECAUSE we are so different, nothing i ever say seems to help. Our minds are in such different worlds that nothing i say ever seems to resonate, no matter how hard i try

2.) my friend’s girlfriend has absolutely shit mental health and should he in a psych ward. She sent me texts today all worrier that my friend was going to break up with her, meanwhile my friend was CLEARLY implying suicide. Who reads, “I’m trying to figure out how to transfer all my money to your bank account” and “Maybe being with me is bad for you” and goes to break-up first?? Friend’s girlfriend has severe depression and anxiety issues, and PTSD, and a dissociative disorder and i love them both, but their mental illnesses seem to increase each other’s problems.

3.) my friend doesn’t WANT help. Anything anyone ever says gets ignored. Therapists are treated as not an option. Medicine has been given up on. I’m serious this friend has given up on LIFE

4.) i only have ways to contact the girlfriend. Not any other friends my friend has, not my friend’s parents, just my friend’s extremely mentally ill girlfriend. I’ve tried telling her to tell other friends that they share, to see what they can do, but INSTEAD homegirl just decided to put me in a group chat with her and my friend, which made things WORSE.

I WANT to help so bad, but this seems like a timebomb and i’m really scared. None of the help i have to offer is being taken.

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