• 4 weeks ago

If only you thought me as your reality.
You have cherished me as your dream only hence distanced always out of reach. We could only feel the closeness in subconscious state.when love is based on intuitive feeling heart is bound to be hurt for sure.
Our beginning was only on wrong foot we suffered so many set backs and the icing on the cake was ourselves only we made it look more tougher.we hurt ourselves,we hurt each other.Everytome the universe gave us a chance somehow we screwed up somewhere we lacked understanding each other’s need hence we repulsed. Repeatedly it happened so many times the hurt numbed the heart. If you read this trust me I am so shaken I don’t believe now anything what I see,I can’t feel your touch I find myself in helpless dilemma..I don’t believe you are here or there. But still sometimes I share out of old habit of speaking my heart out to you. But I know I am changed,I lack confidence,every step I put there is doubt,my senses do not work properly I can’t read sometimes I feel sorry for myself too but still I love you.
If intuitive feeling was our only way then you can also feel now we are not the same.

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