• 4 weeks ago

Usually when i face time my GF her mom will come in and say hello, and be very sweet and amicable to me. I’ve always been a little bit delouse/embarrassed, because my own mother isn’t so enthusiastic with making the effort to get to know my GF. Recently my GF asked me why my mom never comes by to say hello to her. We’ve been dating for almost a year now and it’s only natural for our respective parents to take an interest in our SO. Chat with them. Get to know them. Nice stuff like that. So i told my GF i;d keep that in mind.

Well recently my mom came by well we were on face time so I asked her to say hello to my GF. I instantly regretted it because my mom (as she usually is past 5pm) was shit faced. incoherent. Falling all over herself. Babbling. Laughing at nothing. Kept rambling on about how i was embarrassed by her (For her yes, but not by her. I’m numb to it) and otherwise acting like a drunk. Not the first time this has happened. Wouldn’t count on it being the last. She fucking loves her alcohol. So yeah, that’s why i don’t let my GF interact with my parents.

It’s a big source of shame for me.

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