• 1 week ago

I know you care but I also know that love, yours for me or mine for you, unfortunately it’s not enough sometimes. I know there are women out there who would, could and do say goodbye to the best thing they ever knew, their “soul mate” the “love of their life” for things that are better for them in other logical practical life ways in the long run. Not saying I am any of those things to you, but if you’re somewhere gone, I know you care amd so do I, I have many regrets when it comes to you, us and how I handled things when I had chances, dont rub it in with me. All that does is hurt like hell to me and its a shitty hurt. This isn’t that song “before he cheats” kinfld of pain, your not scraping up my car and puncturing my tires, carving up my seats, because I cheated, this is real deep seeded pain for me that goes back a long time.

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