• 1 week ago

I hate my parents and they are horrible people. I first got sick when I was 15, it was like I got the flu and it never went away. I spent 3 years exhausted, in extreme pain, nauseous. I was scared to go out because I didn’t want to feel sick and be far from home. It ruined my life, gave ne crippling anxiety, made me suicidal. I begged my parents to take me to a doctor but they told me it was all in my head. Made it seem like I was out for attention, and chalked it up to anxiety. In a good week i’d spend 5 nights sleeping on the bathroom floor, wondering if life was even worth living anymore. I was just 15, I was a little girl and I was so lonely and terrified. Thinking back to those nights I wonder how I made it through. I started to believe my parents, started to think I was crazy. So I begged them to see a therapist but they refused getting angry at me for these bouts of illness. Finally in my senior year of highschool I told my doctor about this during a regular checkup. I had loads of tests and the diagnosis came up: celiac disease. A simple little disease which the effects can be easily cured by not eating gluten. All this time, all those years of pain could have been solved by a single doctors appointment. My life was in shambles because of this disease. My parents never apologized for gaslighting me. For leaving me to suffer on my own. They did the exact same thing with a learning disability I had (I was only diagnosed after confiding in a teacher in year 12). My life dramatically improved after the diagnosises. I hate them. I still wonder if that could be considered abuse.

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