• 1 week ago

I don’t feel happy in my relationship. I feel like my partner slowly stops spending time with me. He never initiates conversations, doesn’t want to go out anywhere, only sometimes. We are living together and yet I just can’t help but feel so incedibly lonely. I wanted to break up with him many times, but my family would be super angry if I did it + I’m really afraid of moving out and living by myself. I’m clearly unhappy but somehow blind to the solution. I tried so many times to fix it, I tried not giving a fuck, I tried psychotherapy and it still sucks. And you know what is the saddest part? I don’t even have an Idea HOW a good relationship should feel and look like, because I’ve only seen the toxic ones throuout my life, that’s why I don’t even know if this is normal, but I’m just unhappy because there is something wrong with me.

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