• 1 week ago

So, I valued our friendship more than the feelings I had for you. You rejected me but we still talked the way we used to, with me still trying to act normal. When I was in doubt and burst, because of my feelings, I guess, I was wrong there, however, I didn’t say anything mean to you. You started to be so mean to me, you went nuts because of what I said and even said more hurtful things, yes, I gave up on my feelings then. You still talked to me for a day after that, I talked to you as well, forgetting everything, I tried. When you gave me a cold shoulder, I cried, I cried a lot and deleted my ID then. However, my stupid self still came back to you to ask you how you were and if you still had a problem, when you showed me that the doubts I had were clear, you didn’t care about my feelings. You told me to keep on crying as much as I wanted and to stop it, okay then, I cried. You said you functioned with feelings, but, I do that too, you didn’t accept my functioning with feelings but kept on being as mean to me as you could. I hope that this gets to you someday, now I do not mean payback, but I mean this confession, Being a friend, you just said that you couldn’t do anything for my considering you a friend and getting rejected by you, but then, what do friends do? When I kept on trying to get you to talk to me that day, you kept on shrugging me off as a nuisance. I hope to get out of this someday. I hope you realize what you did. A part of me still wishes for you to apologize but I know that may not happen. So, let me be rude. FUCK YOU!

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