• 7 months ago

So, this is kinda a long story so stay with me. I dated this girl in my school for a few weeks, before that she was my best friend, but when we started going out that she was possessive, sick in the head even. She wanted to do things that i wasn’t comfortable with with and when i refused to do them, well we broke up.

About a year later we start speaking again but only as friends. She started getting closer with me, confusing me again. Then she said she still had feelings for me i told her that we’re only friends and she wasn’t pleased but she accepted it.

This is where things get weird. She started dating this her other ex (She has lots of ex’s) but he was abusive, so i asked her about it. i told her i didn’t want him to hurt her again but she didn’t listen.

I was getting piss*d off with her consistently making me feel bad about myself so i told her “I with her the best for the future but i don’t want to be a part of it. That’s when I found out that she was mentally disturbed.

A couple of weeks later, i noticed something she sent me, a picture of a road, the road to where i was staying at the time. I ignored it thinking it was nothing. but then more posts started popping up, that she was in my area (Weird as she knew no one around there)

I was starting to worry, but not so much. Then the final post she posted. i knew something was going on. To this day she continues to taunt me with this. I ignore them, but I can’t help but think what lengths she will go to get my attention.

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