• 8 months ago

Why am I helping the persons who caused all this pain to me? Why am I helping them?

After all the years they cheated on me and laughed at me. Now, I’m still helping them?

The woman who cheated on me for 2 years with other guy. Then they are accusing me of something I didn’t do.

I was already lied on and cheated on, then now? I will not tolerate this anymore. All their bullying, I’ll fight them in court if I’ll have to.

I’m no longer the puppy they used to laughed at while they were having casual sex many times.

If the guy loves running into his mom’s skirt after getting scared at, the gal loves lying to me on the other hand. They are really fit with each other!

Guy = very boastful but very coward
Gal = good liar but a coward too

I don’t wanna deal with your shitness anymore! Leave me alone you fuckers! Have a life!

To Athena and Achilles, fuck you!

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