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It was fine. This day was well. Night time came and it went to hell real fast. I’m crying my eyes out. He can’t be serious. He said through text that he’s tired of existing – and he expects me to say okay to that? How can I not be worried? He says we’ll talk again tomorrow, but will we? If he really does end up dead I will be too I cannot take this I just can’t accept the possibility of him killing himself, he’s gone through so much, he’s so strong and he made it this far… he can’t lose himself just like that. God I’m scared my eyes hurt my heart hurts I can’t think I can’t sleep I don’t know what to do please let him be okay olease let him be okay i cant take this i cant live without him PLEASE. dont take my beloved away

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  • If this person is online and you have never physically met, held, looked at, kissed, fucked in reasl time, here and now, then in all probability you are in love with a “not real” person, or a Catfish, who is playing with your online emotions, because they never were anything more than a fantasy and you can’t live your real life, with anybody, so called, like that.
    It is the same as a telephone call with someone you never meet, because they are nothing more than a voice which you hear but which never becomes a real person who you can hold and fuck and feel them inside you, because they are not real and never were.
    Time to meet a real person who lives nearby and who you can see, feel, fuck and see.
    Best Wishes………

    Anonymous January 14, 2020 6:00 pm Reply

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