• 1 year ago

So there’s this guy I have a crush on. I think he actually used to like me. At the start of the year, he sent me a text saying “Hi, what’s the next class?”. Now, that’s a very stupid question, considering the class agenda was hanged on the wall. Back in the day, I guess I just… Didn’t see the text. And it pains me so much that so many hints were thrown my way, yet I couldn’t catch on to them until I started liking him. Here’s a few of them: One time, we were assigned a group project. We were NOT required to do it with someone in your table, it could be anyone. So I was going to do it with a friend of mine, when, the second the class is over, he just goes “Heyy, so, I wanna do the project with ya.” But it wasn’t the usual sttuter-ish embarrassed request, not at all; he seemed a little bit hesitant, but confident nontheless. I guess, once again, I didn’t catch on to it, because he was one of the more popular kids, and it was normal for them to sound confident. I accepted, and we actually had so much fun together! Some other time, we were sitting in a circle because of some group dymanic or something. Then the guy just slides towards me. You know, the usual ‘i-hope-they-don’t-notice-so-imma-be-real-smooth-on-this’ slide. I, again, didn’t think much of it, I thought of thousands of reasons why he might’ve done that. Maybe he didn’t like the other person next to him, but then I realized the girl next to him is friends with him, so that couldn’t be it. Then I thought maybe he was making space for someone else; nope. It may not sound like it, but it was so obvious. I was so oblivious to the multiple hints and now I have to deal with it, ’cause we’re in different classes now and we have no excuse to talk to each other. If only I could go back in time.